Church Temperance Society

Church Temperance Society
   This Society was organized in 1881, and has for its object the promotion of temperance in its strict meaning. Its adult membership combines those who temperately use and those who totally abstain from intoxicating liquors as beverages. It works on the lines of moral as well as legal suasion, and its practical objects are: 1. Training the young in habits of temperance. 2. Rescue of the drunkard. 3. Restriction of the saloon by legislation, and 4. Counteractive agencies, such as coffee-houses, working-men's clubs, reading-rooms and other attractive wholesome resorts. The Church Temperance Legion deals with boys, seeking to induce them to keep sober, pure, and reverent from the earliest years of manhood and it endeavors to perpetuate those habits in men.

American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia. — New York, Thomas Whittaker. . 1901.

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